Teagasc Student Maintenance Grant

  • Teagasc provides student maintenance grants to eligible students participating on full-time Level 5 and Level 6 programmes. Assessment for eligibility is based on criteria similar to those for higher education student maintenance grants
  • Means testing will apply 
  • Students awarded a Teagasc Student Maintenance Grant at Level 5 and progressing onto a Level 6 programme will be requested to complete a Grant Renewal Form. This form will be issued to each student in early September. There will be a means re-assessment for a portion of students who were in receipt of a grant at Level 5
  • Students who did not apply at Level 5 for a Teagasc Student Maintenance Grant will have the opportunity to apply in Level 6 academic year if attending a Teagasc Level 6 programme

We will not be processing the applications and will not be in a position to handle specific queries about applications

Queries in relation to the Teagasc Student Maintenance Grant Scheme should be directed to:

Additional information can be accessed at: https://www.teagasc.ie/education/going-to-college/student-maintenance-grants/application-process/